Workshop by the EUI on the Global Governance of Irregular Migration and Asylum

IRMA’s research team will attend the workshop on the 30th of June, treatment organised by the European University Institute, approved on the the global governance of irregular migration and asylum. Dr.Dimitriadi will present the “Southeast to North Mediterranean dynamics” and Ms. Eda Gemi will chair the session on ‘Governance networks’.

The workshop will concentrate on three sets of issues:
First, it looks at how patterns of irregular migration and asylum play out and indeed are formed regionally, within regional systems of human mobility . It looks at the size, nature and direction of such flows and the challenges they raise for the control of irregular migration and the management of asylum.
Second, it looks at the governance networks created in each migration/asylum system, considering not only the related policies adopted by affected countries within a migration system, but taking also into account the role of other actors besides states that may have an important role to play in this, notably international organisations (IOs) and new modes of governance within them, or also local or transnational non-governmental organisations and advocacy groups, as well as regional institutions like the European Union.
Thirdly the workshop engages with international law and human rights norms to see how they contribute to or are being sidelined when shaping these governance networks. Special attention is paid to the interaction between universal norms of human rights and international law and the role of different stakeholders in these governance networks.

You can download the agenda of the workshop here. For more information on the workshop, please see here.