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You can see the migratory routes here.

For the visualization needs of the main migratory routes of the 331 interviewees of IRM, decease
we utilized the Geographic Information System (GIS), no rx which allows for the processing, ed
management and mapping of both spatial and descriptive information.
The main migratory flows were compiled on the basis of available information per case study.

Therefore, in the case of migratory movement from the continent of Europe (Albania, Georgia and Ukraine) inland routes follow the existing highway networks and run directly from the entry points of each transit country. In contrast, the land route of migratory flows from Pakistan and Afghanistan were attributed approximately.

In the case of maritime transport, the route segments that constitute existing maritime links (eg Piraeus-Rhodes) were depicted in a similar manner, while irregular routes (e.g. Izmir-Chios) were traced in approximation. At the same time, air transport is depicted in the form of an arrow, linking the point of origin with the point of destination.

In all cases, a qualitative rating took place. The various lines are more or less pronounced, in an effort to correspond to how widespread a route is. As a result, pathways often converge at specific junctions and construct  the main migratory routes. For example, all the different paths from Pakistan and Afghanistan tend to converge at some point in Iran and thus formulate the main sections of the migratory flows.